What’s the Big Idea Pitch Competition 2023 Program


Over the last few weeks, 28 pitch videos were submitted, over 6000 public votes were cast and 7 finalists moved forward to participate in the Shark Tank/ Accelerator-style competition. Each finalist will have 5-minutes to “pitch” their big idea, and another 3-minutes to answer questions from the judges. The winning idea advances to the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center’s CO.STARTERS Program and takes home $10,000 in business launch reimbursement costs after completing the program.

2023 What’s the Big Idea? Pitch Competition Program

5:30 Doors Open

6:00 Opening Introductions

6:20 Pitches Begin

7:25 Break While Judges Deliberate

7:45 Announce Winner

2023 Teams

Vitirform 3D 

Dustin Gilmer- Founder

Alex Sties- Founder

Abhi Sastri

Lilly Tench

John Bruck

Carol Seamons

Shawn Carson

Victoria Frankel 

Tricia Bateman


Space Craft

Jaleria Rivera- Founder

Kira Suerth

Ethan Graham Roeder

Josh Wright

Jess Wright

John Phillips

Kate Wiggeringloh

Jonathan Clark 

Keith Hickey

Jalynn Baker

Kelsi Walker

Steph Wadman



SimplePost Social

Alexander Leon- Founder

Gary Jackson

Matt Parr

James Horey

Zack Kimble

Courtney DeLaura

Mac Bartine

Maranda Vadergriff

 The Mighty Wig Rental

Siobian Jones- Founder

Booth Andrews

Erika Biddix

Anna Wiggins

Mal Alder

Angelique Adams

Tanika Harper

Deidra Harper

Femeika Elliott

Erin Reece



David Schwall- Founder

Cliff Caudill 

Bruce Benton

Floyd Ostroski

Richard Imbry

Jaqueline Martin

Marcus Archer



Moon Ma- Founder

Garret Agresta- Founder

Casey Self

Jenna Johns

Heath Wilson 

Joey Odom

Preston Garland 

Holly Rainey

Courtney Hendricks


B-Roll Bank

Jonathan Halley- Founder

Anthony Ragland

Ed MacFawn

Frank Famey

Ben Savage 

Steve Powers

Amelia Bartlett

Chris McAdoo


Check out their one-minute long pitch videos here!

Thank You to our 2023 Judges!

Melissa Centers, Consultant and Attorney

Damon Rawls, Founder of Innovation Digital Agency

Patrick Hunt, Chief Evangelist for Lirio

Thank you to our sponsors!

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