Knox Starts at Meadowsweet

Written by Tala Shatara | Video by Maranda Vandergriff & Tala Shatara


Meadowsweet Massage + Wellness is downtown Knoxville’s main source of meditation, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Meadowsweet has been open for 5 years, and in that time Meadowsweet has been recognized as the Top Massage Studio 2016, the Best Holistic Health Center 2013 here in Knoxville, and more.

Meadowsweet is situated on the 100 block of Gay Street in the Arts District downtown. Elodie Lafont and her co-owner Nickie Bold opened after both doing free-lance massage therapy work. Initially starting with Lafont and Bold, the business has grown over the course of a couple years to now having 7 massage therapists. Elodie studied massage therapy in 2007, and shortly after became a freelance masseuse before opening Meadowsweet.

Meadowsweet means Filipendula ulmaria, which is an herb that is known for its healing properties. Elodie explained the various reasons as to why someone would come to Meadowsweet, which is to help with anxiety, muscle relief, reducing stress, and sport related injuries and training.

Elodie says it is her goal with all of her clients to personalize his or her needs and treatment when they are being treated each visit. A therapist sits with each client discussing his or her medical history, any aches and pains, and places he or she would like to seek improvement when coming to Meadowsweet.

Meadowsweet features all types of therapeutic massage treatments, including Deep Tissue, Couples, Relaxation, Prenatal, Sports, and CranioSacral (which is a 60 minute session that is used by clients who have psychological medical problems that have caused their bodies to suffer physically).

Meadowsweet is one of the amazing small businesses that is shaping Knoxville’s ecosystem of startups that provide unique and necessary services. To learn more about Meadowsweet, book an appointment, and stay up-to-date with what they’re doing, visit their website, follow them on Instagram, and like the Facebook page.


Meadowsweet Massage and Wellness
117 Gay St.
Knoxville, Tennessee 37902

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