KEC Holiday Gift Guide: Looking Good & Feeling Good

The holidays are getting closer and closer, so if you still haven’t started on your shopping, you might want to! Luckily, the second edition of our Holiday Gift Guide is here! This guide is all about gifts that will have the gift receiver looking and feeling their best. If you haven’t seen our first edition of the gift guide featuring home goods and decor, check it out here.

Brass Ear Studs – Cold Gold

These little studs are perfect for the fashionable women in your life. They come in multiple colors too: blue, white, speckled grey, and black. You can purchase these earrings from Rala in the Old City, or online from the Cold Gold website here.

Beardition Warm + Woodsy Beard Oil – Nothing Too Fancy

Everyone loves a nice-smelling, luscious beard: men.. women.. everyone. You can pick up this beard oil online, or in-store at Nothing Too Fancy around the corner from Market Square.

Prone to Wander Tee – Vagabondary

This tee is perfect for the explorer in your life! You can buy this tee from the Vagabondary website here.

Somebody in Knoxville Loves Me Onesie – Meghan McCrary

Who says babies can’t look good too? If anything, babies are the MOST fashionable of all of us. You can buy this adorable onesie deigned by Meghan McCrary in-store at Rala or online here.


Wild As A Mink Tee – Nothing Too Fancy

You know what they say, “wild as a mink and sweet as soda-pop.” This is the perfect gift for someone that is both wild AND sweet. You can purchase this shirt online or in-store at Nothing Too Fancy.

Driftwood and Brass Jewelry Holder – Charleston and Co

While this isn’t something that you’d wear, it is the perfect holder for jewelry that will make you look good. You can order this jewelry holder from Charleston and Co on Etsy here.

Have a very happy holiday season, and as always, follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with everything going on at KEC!

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