“A society flourishes when people plants trees under whose shade they will never sit.” – Greek Proverb

Starting a business is hard; you know, you’ve done it. And you probably had some help. There is nothing more rewarding for a successful entrepreneur than the opportunity to share his or her knowledge and experience with a startup. There is nothing more valuable to a new entrepreneur than learning from someone who has done it before. Mentors can provide strength, guidance, and the wisdom to help early-stage businesses move forward with confidence and purpose.

Thank you for investing your time to become a mentor at the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center. With your expertise we can help jump start new businesses right here in Knoxville.

KEC Mentors come from all business backgrounds and experience, but they all share a love for helping to turn people with ideas into people with businesses. Our mentoring program give people who have been successful in business apply the chance to apply a lifetime of learning and skills to help ensure the next wave of great startups succeed here.

Mentor Training Overview

The first step to becoming a mentor at KEC is to fill out the Mentor Application below. We use this form to learn more about your professional experience, as well as your past experience as a mentor. After you have filled out this application, we will reach out to you to schedule a time to talk about mentoring at KEC.

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