Introducing KEC Liftoff

KEC’s Entrepreneur Overview has always been the starting point, and jumping off point for getting involved at KEC and kicking off your business dreams. EO is where you start. EO gives you the chance to get connected with mentors and other local entrepreneurs who can help you develop your business idea.
For any small business, innovation is good. KEC is no different. That’s why we’ve decided to give EO a facelift. We’re excited to announce that we’re changing this event’s name to KEC Liftoff. We believe this name is more fitting, since we want all of our partners to liftoff from where we start at this event and grow into more successful entrepreneurs! At KEC, we’re dedicated to helping you succeed. KEC Liftoff is a way to do just that.
We’re kicking off our new name with the first KEC Liftoff on February 7 at 11am. You can register here. We hope to see you there!
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