6 ½ Things You Need to Know About “The Works”


1)What is it?

The Works is a 12-week startup accelerator for coders and online video creators who have an amazing business idea and the skills to pull it off. It’s broken up into 2 tracks: CodeWorks and MediaWorks and is sponsored by Scripps Networks.


2) Who is it for?

The CodeWorks track is for coders, hackers, programmers, software engineers…basically anyone who has a software idea, and can build the software themselves. The Program will help these entrepreneurs become investor ready in 12 weeks.

The MediaWorks track is for online video creators and social influencers. Aka, people who have an audience on Youtube, Twitch, Snapchat, Instagram, or any other video based social media. The Program will help creators improve production, boost their audience, and launch a new business to monetize that audience.


3) How does it work?

8 teams will be selected who want to eat, breath, and sleep their startup for the summer, with a group of like minded entrepreneurs and creators. You will work in and around other dreamers and hustlers and will get expert advice and mentorship from experts in your field who have “done it before”


4) What’s in it for me?

MediaWorks Teams will receive at $25k investment from Scripps Networks (Food, HGTV, Travel, and more) to put toward growing their business. You will also work side by side with the producers and media professionals that create some of America’s favorite shows and entertainment brands.

CodeWorks teams will likely also receive an investment from Angel Capital Group. Codeworks teams will execute a prototype, and iterate on their software throughout the summer to create traction and kickstart their journey toward success. The goal of the program is to build a product, get early adopters, and be ready to take on investment capital by the end of The Works.


5) When is it?

June 1- Aug 15th in Knoxville, TN


6) How do I sign up?

Head over to theworks2016.com to get signed up. Applications are open until May 15th.


6 ½) Did We mention MediaWorks teams get a $25k investment from Scripps Networks

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