What is it?

The Works is an accelerator program for early-stage startup founders who have an amazing business idea and the skills to pull it off.

Who is it for?

Startup founders who have moved beyond idea stage, have a product in the market and are producing revenue (or are 3 months away from producing revenue. The Program will help these entrepreneurs develop a growth strategy, work through brand and marketing challenges, and hit key milestones necessary for success.

When is it?

The program runs from June 1st to August 15th in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Program Benefits

The Works accelerator provides over $50,000 dollars worth of services, consulting, and potentially financing to your business, all of which can be included in the total value of your company.

$10,000 in free server credits from Amazon Mentor support from top executives, seasoned entrepreneurs, investors Direct Access to Investors and First Customers Extensive support in tech, legal, finance, marketing, operations, sales and more 3 months of free co-working space Work directly with Brandcamp Creative Team to enhance Brand and Marketing Strategies Unlimited coffee and swedish fish

Program Dates and Details

The program runs from June 1st to August 15th in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Early to Growth Stage Startup Founders

The mission is to increase revenue and market share as quickly as possible. For that, you need a revenue-generating business.

The Works will get you: Increasing your sales pipeline Improving your brand and content strategy Pitching to potential customers, active investors, and community partners

Program Recap

5 Years of Success

2014 – First Digital Media accelerator program in the South- Sponsored by Scripps Networks
2015 – Launch first accelerator cohort of exclusively software engineers (CodeWorks)
2015 – Three KEC startups from Cohort 1+2 become Scripps contractors.
2016 – Launch first accelerator for content creators in the country, in partnership with SNI
2016 – SNI and Angel Capital Group invest 25k in each Company
2017 – Integrate Media and Tech programming into one program, help launch RDI and Reviewbox
2018 – Launch Corporate Brandcamp Program
2019 – BrandCamp + The Works = Best Program yet.

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