How to Survive a Busy Season

This is a guest post by Origami Day’s Samantha Lane.    Many of us have busy lives year-round, but almost all of us have busy seasons. Whether this is a month of madness in your life or the entire holiday season, it’s likely that you will have a period of more intense demands on your […]

How to Choose the Right Target Keywords

This is a guest post written by SEO expert and digital marketing consultant, Frank Ramey. You can learn more from Frank by signing up for his SEO Crash Course at KEC here.   Knowing the right keywords to target on your website is a critical step to search engine optimization. Before you can begin optimizing […]

3 Things a Knoxville Entrepreneur Needs to Know about Order Fulfillment

This is a guest post written by Knoxville-based Red Stag Fulfillment. Entrepreneurs and Fulfillment How many steps does it take from someone clicking a “buy” button on your website to them getting the product in their hands? For the customer, it’s about three: purchase, ship, get. For you, it’s plenty more: record order; process payment; […]

Entrepreneurs Figuring Out IT

Entrepreneurs figuring out IT Guest post from Tech Nav   IT is an important consideration for any entrepreneur. Some portion, if not all, of the work will be done in the digital realm. While every entrepreneur is going to have different IT needs based on organization, there are some basic needs that everyone needs when […]

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