Entrepreneurs Figuring Out IT

Entrepreneurs figuring out IT

Guest post from Tech Nav


IT is an important consideration for any entrepreneur. Some portion, if not all, of the work will be done in the digital realm. While every entrepreneur is going to have different IT needs based on organization, there are some basic needs that everyone needs when it comes to their IT.


The first thing that comes to mind when considering IT is usually computers. It would be hard to run a business without them. We will not delve in on specifics, since everyone’s needs will vary. So, what should you consider?  Think about what will make things easier on your knowledge workers. You are going to want computers that are fast and have the necessary storage for whatever is being worked on. Computers that slow down are going to directly affect your knowledge workers output. That is going to be true regardless of whether your company is just you or 20 people. Another nice amenity will be multiple monitors. Even those on laptops can use extra monitors when at a desk.


Laptops bring us to another important consideration. What happens if your laptop gets lost or stolen and all of your business documents are on there? Having a backup of that data is very important. Entrepreneurs must make sure that they are backing up data. Back-ups can take many forms. A couple of examples would be using a cloud service or an external hard drive. Using both wouldn’t be a terrible idea either; Having your data stored redundantly is a great idea. If the external drive and the laptop were burnt up in a fire, the cloud copy would still be available (assuming you’re up to date on payments to the cloud service provider).


Antivirus is an important concern for all entrepreneurs. An infection of any type could cause a lot of lost work hours and the need to follow up with an IT professional. An unprotected computer could also compromise your core business if your Intellectual Property is stolen. This could ruin an entrepreneur if the business is built on those ideas.


It is a good idea to have a professional email account to go with your business. If you have a domain already, look in to some email hosting so you can have a custom email address.  These services will be good if you are planning to have multiple employees or partners as well. Everybody will have uniform email addresses and you will have control over their account permissions and abilities.


IT is going to be a very important consideration for all entrepreneurs. It is important to consider IT costs as an investment, not an expense. If costs are cut in a critical area, one could be spending a lot more money later down the road when something goes wrong. Make sure that your knowledge workers are maximizing their effectiveness. Downtime is going to be costly to a business, but especially to those of entrepreneur. Make sure you have invested in an infrastructure that pays respects to that fact.


About Tech Nav:

Tech Nav is a traveling tech support company founded in 2017 by Charlie and Victory Harbin. Together, they bring the tech support to the people of Knoxville. Tech Nav specializes in fixing, teaching, and supporting most devices on-site. Tech Nav also produces short, weekly videos filled with tips to help you get the most out of your technology. To learn more about Tech Nav and their services, check out their website here.

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