Big Ideas Welcome Season Two!

Season Two of the Big Ideas Welcome Podcast launches today!

Since 2022, the Big Ideas Welcome Podcast has shared over 50 episodes of stories from entrepreneurs. Heading into the next season of the podcast, host, Chris McAdoo, wanted to do something different. Up until now, episodes existed as long-form interviews and conversations.


The newest season of the podcast has been intentionally crafted for the listener. Life is busy and it can be a challenge to be in a position to be able to listen to stories for 30-45 minutes- no matter how great the stories are!! 


Chris and the rest of the KEC team want to deliver the same amount of inspiration from entrepreneurs in our community in bite-sized episodes. Each week, in 15 minutes or less, you’re going to be introduced to entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, change makers, and leaders that have a big idea.


Each guest prepares a short, imaginative talk about about what that big idea means to them. Join us and see what their big ideas could mean for you and your life and business!

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