MediaWorks: Creators Gonna Create

This post is a part of a series about the MediaWorks 2016 program. To read the first post in this series, click here. To learn more about The Works program, visit this page.

It’s been three weeks since our MediaWorks teams were here with us in Knoxville. Since then the content creators have been doing what they do best: creating content.


Datebooth logoWe’ve welcomed Billy Miller and the NorthSouth Productions team behind DateBooth to the MediaWorks 2016 program. Their unique venture is an interactive live-streaming platform that broadcasts, and allows the audience to interact with, couples on a first date.

As for our other creators, each has been working with their team of mentors and associates toward weekly goals that will help them reach their major business goals for the summer.

Travelista Teri

Travelista Teri, the girl who travels the globe in style, is preparing to launch a line of luxury candles. Each candle is inspired by a location to which she’s traveled, inviting her viewers and fellow travelers to bring home a piece of the adventure. Teri’s travels recently took her to “St. Pete” in Florida. Check out the latest episode of Travelista Teri on YouTube to travel with Teri through some of Florida’s hidden art treasures.

Engineer Your Space

Isabelle Larue (also known as “Martha MacGyver”) of Engineer Your Space is in the design phase of creating The Rogue Home, a tiny house kit that will be available for purchase online. Her clean and contemporary tiny home is designed with the same core values that drive Engineer Your Space: it can be easily assembled and is designed to maximize a minimal amount of space. You can watch the latest video from Engineer Your Space, where she’ll give you a tour of her beautiful and functional small balcony. Brace yourself for some serious apartment envy (but don’t worry: she’ll teach you how to do it yourself).


Ryan Van Duzer, the man with a bike and a heart for adventure, is creating videos left and right; he documents his adventures in weekly vlogs that make all of us want to get out there and join him! This past week he rode in a 4th of July-themed Happy Thursday Cruiser Ride in his hometown of Boulder, Colorado. Ride along with him–and the rest of the crazy cruiser crew–in his latest YouTube video.

Be sure to check back here on the blog for more updates, and subscribe to all the MediaWorks teams’ YouTube channels to follow along with them throughout the program.

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