General KEC Internship

Interested in an internship at KEC? Got skills in graphic design, video production, finance, coding, or something else we missed? Shoot us a few sentences about yourself, what you are great at, and why we should hire you.


*Please note: As of January 2021, we are specifically looking for interns with skills and experience in graphic design, PR, marketing, copywriting, and data-driven analysis.

Additional Opportunities

The LaunchTN Summer Internship Program gives students an opportunity to work with a growing startup or ecosystem builder in Tennessee. LaunchTN Summer Program alumni consistently share that the diverse experiences and relationships they develop in the summer program are memorable, enjoyable, and highly relevant to anyone pursuing an entrepreneurial path.

KEC and KnoxDevs are excited to announce an internship program that links local companies with new local software developers. This effort is meant to help new software developers gain valuable experience while helping host companies get some projects done. This is modeled after a very successful internship program that was started by Launch Tennessee.

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