10 Reasons to Join CO. Starters

CO. Starters is a nine-week business development program that helps aspiring entrepreneurs put ideas into action to turn a passion into a sustainable and thriving small business.

If you still aren’t convinced to sign up for this program here are 5 more reasons from a few CO. Starters veterans:

1. “The CO. Starters workbook alone is worth doing the program. Walking through it each week with a group of your peers and learning from their experiences just makes it that much better. Not to mention, having a dedicated time each week that you will focus on your business really helps with accountability. Then add in the guest speakers who share their startup stories, and the value has already surpassed the cost of the program.” –Samantha Lane

2. “I would recommend CO. Starters to someone as a community of like-minded people to go through the startup process with, a structured system to be able to gain the wisdom of the startup world to build a solid foundation, and an accountability system that helps you push harder than you would on your own.” –Bob Nicholson

3. “The biggest benefit for me was the structured focus and encouragement from the facilitator and my peers. It forced me to do work every single week. I knew that I would be giving everyone in my group an update on my progress, so that kept me motivated through the tricky waters of figuring out my target audience, accounting methods, and future goals.” –Elisa Trentham

4. “Through CO. Starters I learned there are resources out there to help. One of the hardest things in starting a business is knowing where to begin and how to do it. CO. Starters provides some much-needed direction for me with a logical timeline to move my business forward.” –Samantha Lane

5. “The number one benefit of CO.starters is being in a community of people who are going through the same thing as you.” –Bob Nicholson

6. “Co.Starters offers a variety of benefits with weekly meetings that help to keep everyone on track with planning and strategizing for their new business endeavor.  I think the most important element of Co.Starters for myself, was the ability to throw ideas around with a diverse group, who are connected by the desire of starting a new business and the goal of entrepreneurship.” –Michael Elon

7. “DO IT! Entrepreneurship can be a lonely gig starting out, so this is like a built-in support system. You can have your questions answered, your business set up on a strong foundation, and a network to help you launch and support you along the way.” –Elisa Trentham

8. “The biggest lessons learned from CO. Starters were sacrifice, prioritizing, and understanding that it takes a while to build a profitable business.” –Cassandra Henley

9. “If you have toyed around with the idea of starting a new business and perhaps didn’t know where to start, CO.Starters is the place for you.  The program is easy to follow and outlines a wide range of techniques and strategies to move your business from the idea stage into implementation.  Weekly guests, who are professionals in the community, really help to shine light on many aspects of business ownership, marketing, and legal requirements. Their insight is helpful in getting your business moving in the right direction.” –Michael Evon

10. “If [you’re] looking for a way to put [your] business idea into practice, then the program is great for that.  It can also determine whether you should continue on with the idea, change it, or move on.” –Cassandra Henley

There’s still time to sign up!


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