Where Are the Women?

One of the most common questions I hear is, “Why don’t more women start businesses?”, to which I always reply, “They do.”

Every time a woman decides to start doing alterations on the side, she’s started a business.

Every time a teenage girl decides to start babysitting on the weekends, she’s started a business.

Every time a 5th grade girl decides to start selling her origami frogs to classmates because no one else knows how to make them, that’s a business.  (Guilty!)

What they really mean is, “Why don’t more women start tech businesses?”, to which I still reply, “They do.”

For a great example, you only have to look down the road to Susan Packard, co-founder of HGTV, or Dee Haslam, CEO of RIVR Media.  Not to mention, there are just as many male-owned startups that you will never hear of as women-owned startups!  Yes, the number of women in technology and computer science historically hasn’t been great but that is a trend that’s rapidly changing thanks to the fantastic work of folks like 100 Girls of Code.

So next time you think, “Where are the women?”, be prepared to answer, “Where are you looking?”  Momentum is building, and there are strong women stepping up to fill the shoes of the trailblazers before them.  We’re here, we’re working hard, and it’s going to pay off soon.

One last thing.  Yes, we’re in the South, but don’t call us “Sweetie” unless you want to be called “Honey Bear” in return.

WiE mean business.


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