What Would Global Entrepreneurship Week Be without a Good Ol’ Fashioned Hackathon?

Holy Global Entrepreneurship Week, Batman!   And what would GEW be without a good ol’ fashioned hackathon?  Our 6 CodeWorks teams are planning to spend the weekend coding their brains out, in preparation of Demo Day on December 17th… and we still have a few spots to fill, so this is an open call to help:


Calling all developers! This weekend, November 20-22, come join us at KEC’s Market Square location for our second hackathon this year in support of our 6 CodeWorks teams.  Don’t worry, food and drinks are on us! (Well, technically – breakfast is on Cirrus Insight, so big, big, big thanks to them!)


Not sure when to come? Come when you can – here is the hacking schedule:

  • Friday (11/20): 6 PM – Midnight
  • Saturday (11/21): 8 AM – Midnight
  • Sunday (11/22): 8 AM – 6 PM and demos will start at 5pm

Wanna play? Email James Horey at jhorey@gmail.com or Jonathan Sexton at  JS@knoxec.net


Here is a little more info on each team, and their needs for the weekend.


Financial Cents: they are creating a next-generation business intelligence system for business accounts to ultimately help businesses stay on top of their financials. They are looking for PHP/MySQL devs  to help them complete a billing engine. Once that’s done, they’ll need help with a chat system that can work within an AngularJS front-end and CodeIgniter framework back-end.


Make TV Apps: they are creating an app builder for the new Apple TV to help content creators publish their work. They are mainly looking for UI/UX designers to help design and implement their landing page and perform general UX work in their application. Also any help creating video loops like in http://www.rokuchannelbuilder.com would be much appreciated.


Math Leap: they are creating an automated math grading system that help s students and teachers figure out how to solve complex math problems. They are looking for anyone that can help produce tutorial videos that can be shared with teachers.


Sigmatec: they are creating an analytics tool that helps businesses make sense of their data. The core algorithms are done, but any help in the frontend would be much appreciated. The backend technology is built on Python (e.g. Flask).


Study Loop: they are creating a chat app that helps students form study groups around specific classes and topics. They need help developing their iOS frontend, and specifically any help integrating their frontend with their Firebase backend.

Want a taste of what to expect?  Check out this video from our MediaWorks hackathon this summer.


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