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CodeWorks is a 12 week accelerator program exclusively for software engineers, coders, and hackers working on seed stage companies. Codeworks is fast-paced, highly collaborative, and very intense. The program is designed to help technical entrepreneurs find problem-solution fit, product market fit, and a scalable, repeatable business model. 6 teams will spend 50+ hours over 12 weeks focused on pushing code, developing customers, attracting users, and creating an
investable story with the help of local industry experts, business mentors, and thought leaders in the space of startups and digital business.


Knoxville is home to world class institutions like ORNL and UT; globally recognized corporations like Scripps Networks, Cisco, and Radio Systems; and fast growing startups like Perfect Serve and CirriusPath. The success of these organizations is due to one of Knoxville’s greatest assets: The Coding Community. Meetup groups for every language are forming organically all over the city: 2015 saw the first ever B-Sides Network Security Conference take place in Market Square, and in its 7th year, the Codestock conference grew from 400 attendees in 2014 to nearly 1000 attendees in 2015. Knoxville’s coding community is on fire, and CodeWorks is here stoke the flame. Knoxville Entrepreneur Center is dedicated to helping people with ideas become people with businesses. Since 2013, KEC and its community of mentors has helped numerous businesses launch, find customers, and secure funding by making key connections in the community for entrepreneurs and helping entrepreneurs find ways to create value for their customers.


What is an accelerator program?

An accelerator is like a bootcamp for people with ideas. CodeWorks specifically is designed for DEVELOPERS with ideas.  Over the course of the 12-weeks we help you get really specific about who your potential users/customers are, how best to reach them, and help you figure out if there is a viable business around the idea. We also go over tons of other interesting things too; such as marketing strategies that work, growth plans, how to fund an idea, how to legally structure your business, intellectual property, and basically any other aspect of turning your idea into a startup business. You build the code and we help you figure out how to make it a startup business.

Who is CodeWorks for?

Any developer with an idea. Whether you have an existing software business or you’ve been staying up late at night to work on a project, if you are aren’t quite sure what the next step is,  then CodeWorks is for you. You do not have to be an existing startup, and you don’t even have to have written any code yet- CodeWorks is a perfect opportunity for you to see if that idea you’ve been daydreaming about can actually be a money maker. (Existing Startups are welcome to apply as long as one of the founders writes code).

Does my idea have to be fully developed?

Absolutely not. If you have been considering working on an idea, but just aren’t sure- CodeWorks is the perfect place to explore the possibilities. Raw ideas are WELCOME. That said, if you have a fully developed idea, you are also a great fit for Codeworks. It’s a great opportunity no matter where you are on the idea spectrum.

When is CodeWorks?

Codeworks will run from Oct 8th- Dec 17th. We meet on Monday nights once per week from 6pm-9pm. There will be one working weekend in December. There will be out of class “homework,” but otherwise it’s one night per week. You will also be asked to meet with your assigned lead mentor for 1 hour per week. December 17th will be a Demo Day where the 6 teams who get into the program pitch their ideas and demo their products in front of a live audience.

What are the Goals for the program (What’s in it for me?)

Mentoring, Advice, Community, Access to Local experts, and a structured framework from which to start something new. The goal of CodeWorks is for you to take an idea and turn into a business. We have a tried and true process for this, and the CodeWorks team will walk you step-by-step through every element of building a scalable business model (which is even better than a business plan), a pitch deck, and lastly of course, is for you to spend the 12 weeks getting the prototype of your technology up and running.

What else do I need to know about CodeWorks?

The best part of CodeWorks (besides learning how to make money with your idea) is all the people you meet. 6 teams will be selected to participate and that group will become your family over the next 6 weeks, relationships are built that last a lifetime. In addition, CodeWorks will put you in contact with mentors and experts in virtually every aspect of a business, local VIP CEOS, attorneys, marketing gurus, investors, financial specialists, operations experts, and really anyone else you can think of.


• Kicks-off on October 8th
• Community Wide Demo Day on December 17th, 2015
• Meet weekly on Monday evenings, in 3 hour blocks and will have a
required amount of work to be completed each week
• 1 mandatory “weekend sprint” onsite for an entire weekend
• Attend office hours with mentors and the Managing Director
The 12-week CodeWorks accelerator provides thousands of dollars
worth of services, consulting, and potential financing to your business,
all of which can be included in the total value of your company.
• 1st Coding Focused Accelerator in the Region
• $10k in free Amazon and Microsoft Azure server credits
• Direct consulting from successful, local Software Entrepreneurs
• Extensive access to Business, Marketing, Legal, and Finance Mentors
• Direct Access to Investors and C-Level Executives
• VIP Leadership Dinners with A-list entrepreneurs in the community
• 50+ hours of structured programming, accountability, and focus
on your goals
• Countless hours of mentoring with experienced entrepreneurs and
subject matter experts
• Unlimited Free Coffee
• 3 months of free co-working space
• And more!
We’re picking six companies to join forces with us this fall.
Will yours be one of them?


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