KEC helps transform people with ideas into people with businesses. As the front door for entrepreneurship in east Tennessee and a member of LaunchTennessee’s statewide network of business accelerators, there are many resources that we may recommend to help you achieve your dream of starting and growing your business. Our goal is to provide actionable experiences that help you reach your goals.

How exactly does that work, you may ask? The first step is to meet with us to help us understand your idea and where you are in the process of turning your idea into a business. Expect us to ask you a lot of questions. Questions like: Why this idea?; Who are your customers or prospects?; Do you have partners?; What is your vision for this company in 5 years, 10 years?; Do you have patents or trademarks? How do you think we can best help you? You get the idea. This initial meeting may end with some “homework” for you to complete before the next meeting.

The dreams and information that you share (confidential, of course) will enable us to work with you to determine the next steps. The course of action is as individual as you and your idea. As you can imagine, the needs of starting an electric automobile manufacturer are different than the needs of a software development company which are different from a local bakery or cleaning service.

In addition, KEC provides many opportunities in the Knoxville area to meet other entrepreneurs, to learn from successful entrepreneurs, and to better understand specific start-up issues such as marketing, product development, legal aspects, intellectual property, and more.

Are You Ready? Take the First Step!

Our goal is to provide actionable experiences that help you reach your goals.

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