Meet the 2024 The Works Participants!

Meet the Participants for The Works!


Seven Startups Announced for “THE WORKS”, Knoxville Entrepreneur Center’s Premier Startup Accelerator for early-stage software, technology, and tech-enabled companies poised for rapid growth. The program kicks off June 12th, concluding with a demo day and celebration September 4th. 



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Chris McAdoo, Chief Experience Officer

Knoxville Entrepreneur Center


Since its inception in 2013, Knoxville Entrepreneur Center has supported numerous startups across various industries, with participants raising over $150 million in private capital. From medical data technology to retail POS integration, KEC has played a pivotal role in nurturing entrepreneurial talent and fostering innovation within the community. The WORKS accelerator 2024 has been built to continue that legacy, with input from dozens of successful entrepreneurs, innovation partners, and operational experts. 



Meet the Startups and their mentor teams: 



John Derrick, paired with mentors Travis Howerton and Zack Webb 

Authentrics.AI is a software solution that enables Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Neural Network operators to directly measure the impact of training content on their system, provide quantitative attribution of results, and when necessary allow them to correct past training errors (removing adverse or inappropriate content).



Alex Weber, paired with mentors Matthew Park and Gary Jackson 

D3D XR offers a comprehensive suite of Extended Reality (XR) services designed to propel business into the future, such as extended reality and virtual reality software development services and IT consulting. 



Flock Analytics
Cody Blankenship, paired with mentors Brandon Bruce and Creed Huckaby

Flock Analytics offers a web-based analytics platform specifically tailored to the needs of churches, providing comprehensive, out-of-the-box analytics for church leaders to make informed decisions, measure the effectiveness of their programs, and better understand their congregation’s needs and behaviors. 



Human AI
Preston Garland, paired with mentors Gary Jackson and Melissa Centers 

Human.AI combines human intuition with a powerful proprietary AI to create marketing and social content in a company’s unique voice across all social platforms, custom blogs, and even e-mail marketing. 



Applied AI
Rob Monday, paired with mentors Rob Cochran and Frank Ramey

Applied AI is a growing applied artificial intelligence startup, building products to help businesses in fragmented industries, including telecommunications, real estate, finance, and retail, leverage AI solutions and realize benefits. 



Personality Pool
Lauren Glass, paired with mentors Courtney Jones and Ashleigh Walters 

Personality Pool is a personality screening tool that streamlines the overall hiring process because it allows you to get to the “people of it all” by helping recruiters quickly answer, “Does the candidate have the right personality that we are looking for to fill this position?” 



Douglas Mapp – paired with mentors Melissa Centers and John Bruck 

ThinkUp is a Cognitive Function Skills VR Platform, offering immersive virtual reality experiences designed to provide engaging and effective cognitive training exercises, such as spatial navigation tasks, multitasking simulations, and decision-making scenarios. 



KEC’s Chief Experience Officer, Chris McAdoo, will head up The Works, along with successful entrepreneurs and subject matter experts including Jenna Johns, Melissa Centers, Patrick Hunt, Ashleigh Walters, Courtney Jones, and many more. Learn about the full schedule, and see the full list of subject matter experts and scope of the program at



Leading companies in the region, including Cirrus Aircraft and Clayton Homes, will offer guided tours of their headquarters, allowing participants to interact with top-tier leadership and gain firsthand knowledge in customer experience, growth strategies, and leadership development.



Leaders from Insperity will share actionable insights and world-class resources for people strategy, and Pathway Lending will focus their expertise on “getting bankable”. 



The Works will be documented by Big Slate Media, featuring exclusive interviews and footage of the accelerator journey. Furthermore, Carrasco Trump will provide one hour of experienced legal counsel to each of the companies. 





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The Works is a twelve-session intensive business accelerator program designed to provide startups with unparalleled opportunities for growth, mentorship, and networking. With a focus on customer experience, capital intelligence, and operational excellence, The Works equips entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s competitive market landscape.



About Knoxville Entrepreneur Center

Knoxville Entrepreneur Center is a non-profit business accelerator located in downtown Knoxville, Tennessee, dedicated to changing lives through entrepreneurship in East Tennessee. Our mission is to create a thriving entrepreneurial community that is accessible, diverse, and sustainable to make Knoxville the most founder-friendly city in America. Learn more at

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