Marketing Clinic Recap

May Marketing Clinic Recap

Earlier this May we held a Three-Session Marketing Clinic at KEC. These sessions were led by industry experts, Jess Curtis, founder of J-Bird Digital Designs, and Amanda Martin, founder of Future Garage. Jess led the first session “FIND” where participants learned SEO, analytics, and paid advertising tactics. Next, Amanda helped us center our attention towards communication skills with “CONNECT” focusing on email marketing and integrated campaigns. We wrapped up the day with “KEEP” diving into strategies to keep customers engaged and loyal, led by both Amanda and Jess. 

The slides from Jess’s earlier session for “Find” can be found here: Session 1 _ Find. During this session Jess walked us through the idea of identifying your customer “buckets” based off of demographics, personalities, and consumer traits. She spoke about the different “buckets” your business might want to connect with and that you might need to consider speaking with different audiences in different ways. She had the attendees spend 5 minutes identifying their ideal customer before we continued to the next session.

Amanda led us in the next session. You can find her slides HERE!. Amanda focused on how to connect with your audience once you identify them. She spoke on how to create campaigns to implement across all platforms to be able to reach your audience. 

Jess and Amanda presented the final session, Keep, together. You can find the slides for this session here: Session 3 Slides. The session was about how keeping customers engaged throughout their interactions with your brand is essential for long-term success. Participants learned effective strategies for customer retention and nurturing campaigns that foster loyalty and drive repeat business.

Amanda wanted to share another resource for everyone to consider while nurturing leads as you progress from the marketing realm to sales. Check it out! 

If you have any questions about our Marketing Clinic or how to get in touch with marketing experts in our community reach out to

You can find information about upcoming programming for entrepreneurs at our website and a full list of the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center’s monthly events HERE.

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