Code is the New Black…and You’re Invited! (aka Black-Tie Hacker Holiday Party & CodeWorks Demo Day)

Tryptophan Ramble:

Quick read edition:  I’m hitting a lot of topics this week – new month, new format, new event.  If I see any more turkey this week I may become one.  But I’d rather have one more Caveman Pop  than see another Cyber Monday deal from Amazon; proof that advertising needs to tell a better story.  This blew my mind over the binge-watching holiday.  Sometimes I can’t tell Dave Matthews Band from Frank Zappa – which is a compliment to Dave more than Frank.  And finally – coders in tuxedos unite (or untie?) – the Knox startup scene is getting REAL.  

Want more?  Read on!

Code is the New Black:

In possibly our boldest move since I’ve been at KEC, Codeworks Demo Day has just been dubbed the “Black Tie Hacker Holiday Party.”  After MediaWorks and Startup Day successes, we wanted to celebrate our final demo day of the year with a twist.  Investors, Coders, Entrepreneurs, Supporters are all invited to join us for some fun.  There will be pitches, but there will also be food, wine, music, and above average holiday cheer.  It’s been a great year, Knoxville.  So why not get all dressed up and hit the town?  December 17th, 6pm at The Southern Railway Station.  Be there.

The coolest part is that Prestige Cleaners is going to BRING tuxedos to the event, so you can come after work and change at the venue. What an awesome company; I love people who are down to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.   Cheers to Eddie and Rentique for thinking out of the box (truck).  We need more of that in the New Year (any takers?)  Also huge thanks to Cirrus Insight and Angel Capital Group for teaming up to turn this CodeWorks Demo Day into the legendary party it will be – because honestly, that’s what we all need:  a break, a party, and of course to hear some new ideas.  Don’t let the dress code scare you.  Star Wars Costumes and Tuxedo Shirts also welcome — really.  

Turkey and Cyber Monday:

What do they have in common?  They both make me sleepy and If I have any more of either I may spontaneously combust. I don’t really mind advertising, and I certainly don’t mind a good deal (or a good turkey leg…), but I feel like in the last 7 days I’ve received more “email marketing”  than the rest of the month combined.  Every single company I’ve ever bought something from was hitting my inbox all week.  But I guess it’s working – to the tune of $3B dollars.  

Did anyone else notice that Amazon’s Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Deals were strangely identical?  Come to think of it, if Amazon doesn’t have a curb to camp on, or anyone to get into a fight with in line (now there’s an idea) – are they even technically qualified to participate in “Black Friday?”  The moral of the story is this – if you are going to advertise to me, tell me a story – make me care.  Down with retreads. 

Above Board:

Check out the YouTube Leaderboard- all the most watched ads are in story form and they are WAY longer than 30 seconds.  Something to think about if you are trying to sell people stuff (which most entrepreneurs are, in a good way).

Next Time:

I’m taking on a new mission to define Knoxville’s creative class – is that you?  If so, stay tuned and if not – study up!  Reach out if you have thoughts on the topic – or Tweet us your best articles or creative class hashtags.  We’re always listening @knoxstartshere.

– Jonathan Sexton

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