Jim Biggs

Executive Director • Head Honcho • Yale Bulldog

Jim comes to Knoxville after 20 years in San Francisco, where he was most recently the director of business solutions for Essention Group. He was once a practicing Attorney for the US , and is still a practicing Dead Head and Amateur Hockey Player.

Jonathan Sexton

COO • Rock Star • Taste+Troublemaker

As a musician and recording artist Jonathan has played some of the areas biggest music festivals, (Sundown in the city, Foothills Fall Fest) and nationally known festivals (Bonnaroo, SXSW).

Booth Andrews

Co.Starters Guru • Culture Builder • Chief Girl Scout

John Bruck

Lead Mentor • Entrepreneur• Adrenaline Junkie

John joined the Knoxville entrepreneurial community after a long and successful career as founder/CEO of several companies, including an environmental and energy engineering firm in Cincinnati.  He is a fun-loving grandpa, angel investor, avid woodworker and die-hard REDS fan.

Lisa Duncan

Entrepreneur Consultant • Maker • Community Collaborator

After 30 years at EW Scripps and turning around Dogwood Arts, Lisa launched her creative capital firm working with entrepreneurs, growing their businesses. Lisa works with KEC and the City of Knoxville on the Maker City initiatives. She also makes stained glass windows, rides bicycles and gardens.

Stephen Jenkins

Chief People Person • VFL • Adventurer

Stephen began his career as a google maestro and metrics guru He has a deep passion for all counties in East Tennessee and serves them as the Rural Entrepreneur-in-Residence at KEC. He can often be found reading at a coffee shop or exploring Downtown Knoxville.

Maranda Vandergriff

Creative Director • Maker • Thrift Enthusiast

Maranda is a creative who thrives on coffee and indie music. She is a graduate of Carson-Newman’s graphic design program with a passion for art and adventure. In her spare time, Maranda enjoys performing in local stage productions, traveling the world, and petting cats.

Delaney Boyd

 Marketer • Artist • Tinderella

Delaney is a senior studying Marketing and International Business at the University of Tennessee. She spends her time working on KEC marketing, traveling to new cities, and taste testing cheese grits. Her likes include: live music and relaxing on the beach.

Zach Ramsey

Graphic Designer • Banjo Extraordinaire • Single

Zach is a graphic designer and graduate of Carson-Newman University. You can find Zach frolicking with his cats or playing his banjo. He is an avid pizza, mashed potatoes, and beer consumer.

Tala Shatara

Journalist • Videographer • Blogger

Tala Shatara is a senior at the University of Tennessee studying Journalism and Electronic Media. She takes part in the “Knox Starts Here” video series at KEC as a journalist and videographer. She also loves binge watching Netflix series and exercising.

Amelia Barlett

Writer • Creative Business Specialist • School Bus Converter

Amelia is a Floridian living in Oak Ridge learning to cope with twisty mountain roads and sub-50s temperatures. She serves creatives and their businesses with unique strategies rooted in creative problem solving, modern lifestyle business, and her experience in corporate strategic planning. In her spare time, she’s converting a school bus into a tiny house with her partner and hiking with her greyhound Gallow.