Jim Biggs

Executive Director • Head Honcho • Yale Bulldog

Jim comes to Knoxville after 20 years in San Francisco, where he was most recently the director of business solutions for Essention Group. He was once a practicing Attorney for the US , and is still a practicing Dead Head and Amateur Hockey Player.

Jonathan Sexton

COO • Rock Star • Troublemaker • Oracle

As a musician and recording artist Jonathan has played some of the areas biggest music festivals, (Sundown in the city, Foothills Fall Fest) and nationally known festivals (Bonnaroo, SXSW). He holds the Guinness World Record for Most Hugs Given in 24 Hours.

Maranda Vandergriff

Creative Director • Maker • Thrift Enthusiast

Maranda is a creative who thrives on coffee and cats. She works closely with The Maker City initiative to build a support network for makers and artists in Knoxville. On the side she runs Vagabondary, a brand of wearable art inspired by nature and nostalgia.

Delaney Boyd

 Operations Director • Avid Reader

• Spreadsheet Lover

Delaney recently graduated with a degree in Marketing and International Business from the University of Tennessee. She spends her time working on KEC operations, traveling to new places, and taste testing cheese grits. Her likes include: spreadsheets, live music and relaxing on the beach.

Booth Andrews

Co.Starters Guru • Culture Builder • Chief Girl Scout

Ronald Levy

Summer Specialist

Ronald is an artist and just started his own business. He recently graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Arts focusing in film. He is also experienced in photography and graphic design. Ronald hopes to keep himself involved in the media industry throughout his career.

Reagan Ale

Summer Specialist • World Traveler

Reagan is a senior at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville studying supply chain management and marketing. She has an extreme obsession with dogs, and volunteering with rescue animals will always be one of her favorite things to do. A big passion of hers is traveling, and her life goal is to visit every continent in the world.

Lukas McCrary

Summer Specialist • Designer

• Show Producer

Lukas is a student at the University of Tennessee studying Advertising and Studio Art. He designs magazines and posters for local events. His interests include photography, organizing shows, and performing comedy but has yet to make his dad laugh.

Conner Brinkley

Web Developer • Frequent Googler

Conner is a junior at the University of Tennessee studying computer science. He gets excited about things like software updates, and he enjoys reading, Crossfit, and attending as many concerts as he can. Conner takes pride in his ability to Google how to do stuff to make people think he actually knows things.