How to Start a Business: Top 5 Tips

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Thought about starting your own company, but don’t know where to begin? We’ve got you covered! Here are Knoxville Entrepreneur Center’s top 5 tips for starting a business:

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You’ve got your business idea (if you don’t, no worries! Sign up for our weekly newsletter for business idea inspiration), now it’s time to create a road map to get you there!

  • Set a final goal. This could be creating a successful business pitch and acquiring investors, all the way up to establishing a successful company about to debut on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • Set milestones. These are mini-goals that need to be achieved on the way to reaching your final goal.
  • Set tasks. Map out what you will need to accomplish to reach your milestones. Brainstorm the different components of each milestone, and write them down on a task list.
  • Set a timeline. Decided when each milestone needs to be reached, and then when each task needs to be completed in order to meet those milestone deadlines.

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Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither are most companies. But they are built by consistent hard work. You need to make your business a priority.

Remember that task list we created when we built a road map to success? Use it. Make a promise to yourself to check off one task each day.

Remember that timeline? Stick to it. Reassess it if necessary, but set yourself deadlines and consistently meet them.

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Find someone you admire who has already made the journey you are just starting. They can help you navigate the roadblocks that you’re sure to encounter along the way. KEC can help you find a mentor. Sign up for a free LiftOff session to access free mentor office hours.

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Nothing quite replaces face-to- face interaction with like-minded, driven people. They can be your inspiration, supporters, and friends. Check out KEC’s calendar for networking events where you can easily meet other entrepreneurs in Knoxville.


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